Diploma Template

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Ebook cover: DIPLOMA TEMPLATE by Patti to edit and print!

DIPLOMA TEMPLATE to edit and print!


High School Diploma Template

This is a High School Diploma Template that you can edit and print. It has been accepted by colleges, universities, employers, and the U.S. Military!

You can simply add the necessary information or make whatever changes you would like. It is perfect for homeschoolers!

  • Simply add the Student Name, School Name, and date!
  • This is fully editable and ready to print!
  • You even have the options of changing the wording and removing the seal or adding your own!
  • certificate or award, or Eighth Grade Diploma, College Diploma, or University Diploma!:-)
  • This will also work to design your own fake diploma, funny diploma,
  • It works like software that you can safely edit and save
  • This looks authentic and professional printed on Parchment Paper or even plain white paper, and comes with clear instructions, if you’re not familiar with Microsoft Word, too!
  • without changing the template for future use!

NOTICE: This diploma does not imply that any requirements for graduation have been met!

DIPLOMA TEMPLATE to edit and print!

Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder

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Ebook cover: Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder

Title: Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder


How to Conquer Attention Deficit Disorder!
Could You Use Some Help With…
Square Peg, Round Hole Syndrome?
Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum Dilemma?

Well, Take 5 and Read On..!
Now In Just A Few Quick Minutes & Less Time Than It Takes To Run Out And Fill A Prescription…

…YOU Can Dance To The Tune Of Successful ADD / ADHD Music …

…And Stop Worrying About Fitting In!

  • Low Self-Esteem – Maybe you often feel frustrated. Things keep messing up. You don’t think you’ll ever really measure up…Maybe Charlie Brown thoughts like these pop up, “What is wrong with me? Why can’t I ever do anything right?”
  • Ever face any of these challenges? Or know someone close to you who does?…
  • Substance Abuse – A little alcohol, a little marijuana now and then should be OK, right? I can handle it. Everything’s under control. But deep down inside, late at night when things get quiet, you wonder if everything REALLY is under control…?

Depression – “Everyone gets a little “down” once in awhile… Just need to decide to be happy, that’s all,” you say to yourself. Monthly. OK, truth be told, weekly. Or probably closer to daily, really. Things just seem so depressing and hopeless sometimes…

Moodiness – Some days are the BEST. But just as quickly, they can become the WORST. Life sure can be one big roller coaster of ups and downs. If only things could be a little more stable, predictable …

Disorganized – Managing things can be so difficult. Remembering where things go, when work ends, when classes begins, how to find anything in all the clutter…Wow, if only some help were available…then maybe that To-Do list would finally get completed. And maybe all the filing systems would be updated…and finally some projects could finally get finished …

Relationship Problems (at work, home, anywhere…) – Patience is not a virtue; waiting in line is for the birds! It’s too tough to pay attention to what other people are saying for very long. Boredom quickly sets in or others get too emotional to deal with for very long. And when impulsive feelings take over, look out! Opinions and thoughts can sure be blurted out…any time, any place. And regarding intimacy…what’s that? Close social and work contacts aren’t even in the picture! Forget about a one-on-one close personal relationship…

Okay, it’s time to face the music. The square peg fits in this cyber-hole right here. You’re in just the right place and help is right here!

Dear ADD / ADHD Info Seeker,

Life can be a circus. Juggling moods. Juggling emotions. Juggling schedules.

Well, now help is here. Available for immediate download, How to Conquer Attention Deficit Disorder! is packed with information to help the layperson understand ADD / ADHD. A discussion of ADD / ADHD symptoms, treatments, coping tips, support groups, organizations and much more, for both children and adults, is presented in a reader-friendly way without “physician-speak” to cloud any issues.

To begin, for example, consider the following three statements & see if you can determine whether or not each one represents a myth or reality:

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is the generic term for all types of the “official” clinical diagnosis called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Myth or reality?

On average, out of a classroom with about 28 children, none will have ADD / ADHD. Teachers just want to push medication to help control their classrooms, especially with the boys. Myth or reality?

Most children with ADD / ADHD outgrow the disorder. Myth or reality?

(Answers: 1. Reality 2. Myth 3. Myth)

Learn the reasons for your choices above and a whole lot more by instantly seizing your copy of our latest research. It’s filled to capacity with information in an easy-to-read format, available immediately upon receipt of your payment.

You’ll discover successful ADD / ADHD treatments and programs that have been used, tested and approved by professionals, experts in the healthcare industry.

And you will be able to choose from a variety of solutions – real, everyday solutions that fit into your own personal lifestyle, based upon your own overall health, personal, work and social plans, and budget.

“What’s in it for me?”
You might wonder…
Inside this research collection, you will:

  • Arm yourself with knowledge about the causes and symptoms of ADD / ADHD, in children and in adults. And find out where to go for testing and a diagnosis. Take action now to get started on the Success Path instead of plodding along on the Ignorance Trail.
  • Learn about ADD / ADHD in Laymen’s Terms and find out more about the Keys to Success in dealing with the disorder. “Cut to the chase” reading. No wasting your time, your money, your patience.
  • Uncover specific ways to help children (yours or someone else’s) who have been diagnosed with ADD / ADHD. Use our handy resources, network, learn more ways and get more help. Tailor strategies that work for BOTH you and the child.
  • PRINT out our basic questions to ask when you are trying to learn more about ADD / ADHD so that you can keep a journal of handy information for follow up reference and quick help along the way.
  • Read overviews about many successful treatment strategies along with detailed information about how to pinpoint specific options available in YOUR area (i.e. where YOU live). No more waiting to find out who can help or where to go.
  • SAVE money, time, aggravation, stress, hair from being pulled out, and much more…by PRINTING out and using our, “How to Set Up and Use Organizer & Filing Systems,” step-by-step action plan. Fill your notebook with your own planner sheets downloaded from our resource section and use them NOW! No more waiting for a better day. It’s here and it’s time to get organized.
  • Visit our resource section for additional targeted short-term, long-term or supplemental help and information. Find videos, articles, conferences, professionals, teleclasses and more to help you and your loved ones learn more and get the ADD / ADHD information you need.
  • PRINT and CARRY a copy of our Coping Tips along in your car, gym bag, school locker, desk or anywhere …so you can get help in a hurry! Be your own best friend and be pro-active.

And much, much more…

Table of Contents

  • Introduction To ADD
  • Understanding ADD in Laymen’s Terms
  • ADD in Adults
  • Support Groups, Organizations & Treatment Programs
  • ADD in Children
  • Coping Tips
  • Other ADD Resources
  • Related Disorders
Ebook cover: Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder