Fat Free Forever

Ebook cover: Fat Free Forever
Finally – The Fastest, Easiest Way To Not Only Lose The Weight But Keep It Off!
“Learn Why All Those Other Diet & Exercise Programs You’ve Tried Simply Don’t Work”

And discover the one simple secret that will guarantee you stay fat free forever…

  • Fed up with trying and failing to lose the weight and keep it off?
  • Sick of exercise routines you can’t stick to and diets that leave you half starved?

I know. I’ve been there too. Trying to lose that extra weight and ending up losing my mind instead. You see, that’s where it all starts – in the mind. And that’s the reason almost every other diet & exercise program fails. Thing is, most of us end of running out of motivation way before we run out of steam on the treadmill. We get bored. We feel deprived. We don’t care enough to carry on.

That’s where this program is different. It sets your head straight so your body can follow. It gives you the oh so simple but little known techniques that will guarantee success this time. Until sooner rather than later you wake up and realise that you’ve done it. You’re fat free. What’s more, you’re going to stay that way. Sounds easy? It is.

Introducing The Easiest Way Ever To Lose The Weight And Keep It Off – Permanently!

Fat Free Forever is a scientifically prove program that guarantees to get you in your best shape ever and keep you that way for life. Give up on giving up – Fat Free Forever will leave you so charged up and motivated that exercise becomes not only easy but fun.

Say bye bye to crazy diets as you enjoy the simple, delicious recipes that make up the flexible eating plans. Learn a program that actually works for someone like you – someone who has a real life. Written by a motivational guru and exercise expert, Fat Free Forever tackles the parts of you no other diet & exercise program has ever reached to leave you energised, satisfied and, above all, eager for more.

Feel Like Giving Up Before You Even Get Going?

The problem with most diet and exercise programs is that they don’t dig deep enough. They don’t deal with who you really are and why that is so important. Instead, they focus on the superficial. Over and over again you hear the same old stuff – basically eat less and move more. But what if some days you don’t feel like doing that? And what if those days become a regular thing? Pretty soon you’re back where you started – overweight and out of shape. That’s when you start to beat yourself up. And so it goes on.

But It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way!

You can break out of this vicious cycle. How? By learning the simple secrets that will transform your way of thinking so you can change your body at the same time.

In Fat Free Forever you will:

  • Learn How A Few Tiny Tweaks To Your Diet Can Make All The Difference – I reveal the easy changes you can make to ensure you stay slender without suffering hunger pangs
  • Get The Same Winning Mindset As A Top Athlete – So you too can achieve your personal best shape ever
  • Free Yourself Up To Focus On YOU – Forget cookie cutter programs – this one tackles the inner you along with the outer
  • Find Out How Exercise Can Be Fun – Crucial to your ongoing success
  • Discover The Secrets Of Staying Motivated – With the help of your all-inclusive Motivational Mp3s!
  • Acquire The Art Of Effective Self-Hypnosis – This one thing alone can make or break your motivation
  • Adopt A Killer Attitude – That will leave you mean, lean, honed and toned and hungry for more
  • Understand Why You Have Failed In The Past – More importantly, why you will never fail again
  • Keep That Sleek Shape Forever – Easily and effortlessly without spending mind-bending hours on a treadmill or days of your life in the gym
  • End Up The Best Ever You – And stay that way – forever!

Fat Free Forever is the new way – the only way – to ensure you get slim and stay slim. Why? Because, unlike all the other programs out there, this one is about YOU.

All The Gain Without The Pain!

Fat Free Forever works because it is all about YOU rather than the 10 million other people out there who want to lose weight.

This is a program that goes to the root of the problem, giving you the motivation and self-belief to get and stay slender while having a whole lot of fun.

This is a real program designed to meet the needs of real people – people just like you. Fat Free Forever provides a laser targeted but easy to follow regimen that can change the life of anyone who follows it to the letter.

You see, I understand that diets get boring and most exercise routines are simply too hard. That’s why I’ve designed Fat Free Forever with YOU in mind. I know that, once you’ve learned all the techniques I have to teach you, staying slim and healthy will simply be a way of life.

My clients never feel deprived or hungry.

They don’t feel like they have to give up anything to get into their greatest shape ever. Instead, they discover what fun real fitness can be. They learn how wonderful it feels to look incredible day after day. And they never give up because they simply do not WANT to give up. Fat Free Forever is a program that genuinely changes lives…permanently.

Receive this comprehensive, 120 page practical workbook packed with motivational tips and tricks, exercise routines and worksheets, easy to follow eating plans and a ton of proven, highly effective information to ensure that you not only lose all that excess weight but keep it off forever.

After just a few days on the Fat Free Forever program you will start to feel and see a BIG difference.

  • You will learn the joy of new tastes and textures that do you good without ever once leaving you hungry or feeling deprived.
  • You will feel focused, motivated and energised in a way you never have before.
  • You will genuinely be enjoying exercise and actually finding it fun.
  • And you’ll be finding all of this to be absolutely effortless!
  • That unsightly flab will already be disappearing from all over your body.

What’s more, once you have it this program is all you will ever need to stay slender for life. That’s because, unlike some other programs out there, I believe in giving you the full skinny from the outset. I will never try and sell you more and more products because I honestly believe that, provided you follow the advice I give you, Fat Free Forever will enable you to succeed where in the past you may have failed.

I have put all my wealth of expertise and experience into Fat Free Forever and I am genuinely thrilled that I can share all the knowledge with you now. Why? Because I know it works. Simple as that. And I look forward to welcoming you into the family that is Fat Free Forever.

Ebook cover: Fat Free Forever

The Carbs

Luckily vegetables only have a few grams of carbs per serving, so the glucose load is inconsequential. You can eat as many vegetables as you want without fat storage. Fruit is a bit more dangerous when it comes to adding body fat, but not much. And a serving or two a day has health benefits. Fruit has fiber, which slows its digestion. That’s important because you get only a limited insulin response from a serving of fruit…. Insulin is what makes simple carbs, like desserts, bread and pasta— and even fruit juice and potatoes—so dangerous: insulin. That is a fatstorage hormone that surges when simple sugar hits your system. The bottom line: You should indulge in vegetables, eat fruit in moderation and avoid simple sugar most of the time (infrequent splurges are fine). You should also create a glycogen deficit in your muscle so most of the carbs you eat go there instead of your fat cells…

Many people walk for exercise; however, that does not produce a
glycogen deficit (remember, glycogen is energy stored from carbs). Not
to get too technical, but walking uses slow-twitch fibers, which do not
burn off a lot of carb energy. What are the numbers?
Walking a mile burns about 80 calories, which translates into 20
grams of carbs you burn from your bloodstream—if it’s there to be used.
If it’s not, you can burn a smidgen of bodyfat for energy and even some
muscle if your body is in starvation mode from not eating for hours.
Yes, 20 grams may sound like a decent amount, but is it really? Well,
one medium cake muffin has 24 gram of carbs. Uh oh. How about a cup
of cooked pasta? You’re looking at about 40 grams, so you’d have to
walk two miles to burn off that small amount.
That may sound discouraging. But a big part of the solution is weight
training. By working your muscles with moderate-weight, high-musclefatigue lifting that we recommend in Old School New Body, you train
fast-twitch muscle fibers and accomplish three fat-burning goals:
1) You deplete the muscles you work and your liver, to a degree, of
glycogen. That means the carbs you eat after go to replenishing those
stores. In other words, after a proper weight-training workout the carbs
you eat go to your muscles and liver instead of your fat cells.
2) You create small fissures in muscle fibers which require repair. That
repair process takes place after your workout as you recover—and the
process boosts your metabolism. Studies show that as your body “fixes”
weight-trained muscles, it burns body fat for energy. Nice!
3) Proper weight training, such as the F4X system in Old School New
Body, boosts growth hormone, which is a potent fat burner as well as an
anti-aging compound.